We are often asked by our customers the advantages of using spiral balances in our box sash windows in place of traditional sash weights and cords.

With this in mind todays blog post lists the main reason why spiral balances are a great alternative to the more traditional weight and cord method.

Ultralift spiral balances are manufactured to counter balance the exact weight of the sash and the 24mm double glazed unit.  Therefore, enhancing the operation of the window.

Due to general wear and tear cords on box sash windows can break.  Should this happen replacing the cord involves dismantling the entire window.  However, the ultralift spiral balance is a sealed unit that requires no maintenance.

The pulley wheel used alongside weights and cords creates small gaps in the windows frame, which then allows a draft to pass through from the cavity.  Therefore spiral balances improve the energy efficiency of your box sash windows.




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